Personal Prerequisites

NATHAL® is based upon the capacity to unfold a naturally existing potential. NATHAL® demands, however, the complete cooperation of the individual. It presupposes character and initiative; it calls for courage. Therefore, the first exercises - see below - are designed to remove obstructions, encrustations and other impediments and liberate latent forces. Before beginning training the individual's state of mind should be as well balanced as possible with a well trained capacity for spiritual composure and the ability to relax. It is advantageous, though not necessarily a pre-requisite,to have some experience in relaxation techniques. It is possible to learn to let go with a certain degree of self-confidence and to experience feelings, to trust and follow them. These qualities form the pre-requisite for a widening of consciousness into that sphere of knowledge which is unattainable by natural means.

Openness towards the extending of personal boundaries finds its complement in intellectual humility (not to be confused with false modesty). Trust, patience, goodness and love can develop in an ethically positive fundamental attitude. Within this process of insight one learns to transpose spiritual abilites into daily life and to work with them. Growing spiritual experience transforms undesirable characteristics into positive inclinations. Deep seated characteral weaknesses and imbalances dissolve within a sometimes drastic process of purging - catharsis. The willingness to break with personal weaknesses and to achieve active change is decisive for the whole future development.

It is only possible to transmit new energies and imprintings when intellect, spirit and emotions are united in close harmony. Only then does the contact and communication with and in the spiritual super-realms become reality.

Pictorial imaginative capacity and the ability to freely visualise at all levels and to express these pictures in language is entirely dependent on an inner peace and tranquillity. All these requirements will be systematically developed in the exercises and with increasing demands.