NATHAL® - Brain Hemisphere Synchronization

Ways and means for development of your personality,improvement of creativity and performance efficiency

People who have to make responsible decisions, who have to develop their abilities and who want to determine their lives themselves, will learn in seminars, how to bring about, by themselves, the synchronization of both halves of the brain. NATHAL® is a modern, European method, which has left the traditional ways of training. The mental training enables the participants to activate their full creative potential. NATHAL® begins at a point, at which others, using many paths of development, have yet to arrive. Effortless, previously hidden dimensions and realities open up through entirely new feelings.

Then begins the space/time-independent supra-dialog with higher intelligences. NATHAL® opens up hidden information in new ways: Intuition instead of deduction; the brain breaks through the barriers it had been confined in. NATHAL® solves, in this ingenious and easy way, highly complex tasks for practical life. The result will be a permanent gain with an increased ability for decision making and an inner stability when tackling the challenges of the present and the future.

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Nathal® Manuskript

Auszug aus dem Nathal Manuskrip

Schauen Sie sich den animierten Auszug aus dem Nathal Manuskript an.