NATHAL® - Methodical steps, spiritual transitions and transformations

To begin with are exercises which are designed to create a state of inner tranquillity, relaxed openness and the ability for visual imagination. Personal energies are emotionally perceived and released for conscious guidance at various levels of energy. They incorporate a sensory perception of the body as a whole: light, warmth, touch, buoyancy. At new levels of consciousness, spirit and body acquire the capacity to experience in an increasingly intensive way.

Advance Concensus

Spiritual mentors guide the trainee into unknown spatial spheres and modes of experience. These correspond physiologically to the following brain frequencies: zones Beta, Alpha and Delta, and can only be transmitted to the individual directly by Dr. Lathan herself. During the first exercises, access and transition are confined to certain visual images which may be recalled at will. In the realms of higher consciousness the experience is highly individual. Rules for transition, personal behaviour and dialogue will be taught.

After a first encounter, these novel types of energies become incorporated into the individual's potential. The trainee learns to open up to energetic-spiritual therapy, to experience being touched by the power and to assimilate it. There is an unreserved, pre-intellectual feeling of security within the sympathetic waves of feeling. The trainee acquires spiritual humility and patience which giving him an inner confidence and freedom and allowing him to accept guidance, to let go and be prepared without any preconditions.

The individual is now transformed so that he or she can remain in direct communication with existential forms outside the sphere of daily reality. Spiritual guidance creates a direct contact with specific areas of his or her own aims in life.

These new fields of energy overlap with existing spiritual structures. They describe the character precisly in a subtle and unerring way . Past maladjustments and handicaps disappear. Weaknesses and impediments, undesirable characteristics are transformed positively.

Each phase of learning also leads to changes at the physiological level. New synaptic nerve connections, for example, are developed. Each and every step automatically leads to the next phase of learning until the desired changes in the individual have taken place.

A spirit of well-being and confidence surrounds each phase and the trainee perceives him- or herself to be a clear and complete entity.

Acquaintanceship, Agreement, Ethics

Energetic therapies, and those which increase the capacity for sympathetic, synchronal, oscillating feelings, also enable the trainee to influence the frequencies of his/her own consciousness directly. Emotional adjustment permits physical, mental and spiritual communication with superior levels of energy and information. They are accessible only when a state of emotional harmony exists.

Contacts with increasingly sophisticated patterns of frequencies can be achieved according to the degree of willingness shown by the individual to relinquish the primacy of his or her own rationally controlled will. These, in turn, incorporate other intelligences beyond the restrictions of rationality, whose energies, information, assessments and judgments allow them to be used for work in a dialogue which is super-imposed upon daily reality (hence 'supra'). Communication with these universal bearers of knowledge (UBK) opens the way to grasping such comprehensive knowledge as man is capable of achieving. Dialogue gradually leads to a point where other forms of existence can be emotionally penetrated and understood in accord with the oscillatory patterns. First creative ideas and innovative solutions are achievable.

During these encounters, ethical views are transformed. A codex of universal behaviour is created which can prevent mistakes and misuse. The way of life turns towards wisdom, kindness and goodness.

Discipline and Responsibility born of inner Freedom

Better understanding creates relief: non-essentials, round-about ways of doing things and trivialities all disappear. Precise assessments, diminished uncertainty, controlled decisions, lead to quicker and better results. Inner comprehension of the task on hand leads to a clear recognition as to what should be done.

Clearly defined aims in life constitute a basis for life development; tasks adapt within a comprehensive plan. With growing personal abilities, inner and outer freedom increases. A readiness to be actively responsible in performance and discipline emerges from the step-by-step adaptation to a higher state. This allows the experience of inner freedom in work which is fulfilling, as well as the strengthening of a welcome acceptance of responsibility.

Permanent training towards a deepening of insight

Relations with higher intelligences can be activated independently of outside help once the first stage of training (AK seminar: five days with introduction, two exercises a day,including their implementation) has been completed. Their utilisation depends upon adherence to the rules. Their permanent availability is subject to the continuous and intensive practice and cultivation of those abilities which have been learnt.

Abilities gained during basic training in the areas of personal experience, knowledge, working-methods and their practical application can be intensified, if wished, in courses for further development.

A distinctive personality profile through NATHAL®

  1. Individuals familiar with NATHAL® are ready to accept challenges. They are willing to change according to the demands made of them. They observe developments around them and try to understand these from a superior vantage point as opportunities for acting wisely. They are unbiassedly open to fresh impetus and prepared to take a decisive hand in shaping the future.
  2. They realise their personal potential in the following stages of learning:
    • They apply their entire knowledge, especially those parts of it which were previously inaccessible.
    • They open up and use universal banks of data and knowledge.
    • They proceed systematically, usind their creative initiative pragmatically.
    • According to the demands of the task, they are able to overcome the individual and conventional limitations of their emotions, thoughts and abilities.
    • They press forward into higher dimensions of knowledge and energy.
    • They learn to extend their own natural boundaries of space and time.
    • They discover and master realities previously considered impossible of comprehension.
  3. They acquire access to the core of future tasks. They experience these tasks in a firmly-rooted and active correlation with their future development. They fulfil the tasks either individually or within a work-group, which has been trained for that particular project.
    They learn to utilise external Universal Units of Knowledge and Energy (UKE). Through this they obtain a firm basis for evaluation and judgement. The UKE furthers a task-related modulation of emotions which is open to sympathetic intuition. External knowledge can be intuitively received and used in the supra-dialogue (question-answer).
  4. They experience prospective reality through stages of learning and practice in a manner which leads to a systematic perception of sequences of space and time. In this way they acquire access to previously inaccessible methods which point the way to future thinking and action. From now on they also work with sources independent of time and space. They are solely responsible for the way in which they conduct this dialogue. In the course of such cooperation, their mental attitude turns increasingly to greater intuition, goodness and wisdom. These form the key-note for responsible action. Responsible action develops from an insight which teaches that it is imperative to learn to think in wider contexts. It is essential to act in the interests of the whole and to put self-interest aside.
  5. The perception of wider contexts awakens strong feelings of joy, buoyancy and clarity. The experience is one of inner freedom. Feelings of assurance in judgment and action emerge retrospectively from the growing recognition of inner independence. Duties are accepted naturally and carried out enthusiastically. All important potentials and imprintings are emotionally experienced and internalised. In an overlapping of feeling they create the guide-lines and energy-forms which bring any kind of action into line with general and individual requirements.
  6. By means of daily NATHAL® training, information and energy are made unreservedly available in the interests of responsible action with practically no restrictions, . Intuitive understanding, information and energy form the nucleus of the instrumentarium through which even fresh challenges can be met. Performance-related endowments, i.e. spiritual tools, programmes and data-banks, which develop within, help to tackle even tasks of ultimate complexity and extreme diversity. The ease with which this takes place originates specifically from an inner freedom. Mental clarity emerges from a sense of direction and precise information, based on an ability to combine normal waking consciousness with higher levels of knowledge creatively.
  7. The insights which have developed in the universal dialogue transform ethical fundamentals into an all-encompassing sense of responsibility. NATHAL® initiates an inner metamorphosis of the individual. The universality of knowledge and experience effects a constant renewal of personal readiness and of the personal codex of behaviour. Wisdom and independence take on a new quality as they grapple with an endless chain of continually changing tasks.