NATHAL® Method

Methods to develop the personality
and increase creative insight and efficiency

NATHAL® combines a well balanced combination of methods for spiritual development. NATHAL® is transmitted directly from person to person by Dr. Gertje Lathan exclusively.

The ability to attain personal spiritual development is transmitted to the single individual and he or she alone is responsible. NATHAL®'s prerequisites, therefore, are a readiness to work at one's own person consistently and the will to change in the light of a growing awareness. This helps to impel the naturally inherent inclinations towards a self-development beyond their formerly self-imposed limits.

NATHAL® increases efficiency simultaneously in the intellectual-rational sphere, and at the same time in the sphere of insight and feeling. Efficiency depends upon an increasing capability of sympathetic understanding and, subsequently, the ability to concentrate on essentials. This spiritual break-through opens up access to as yet inaccessible novel types of information which encourage creative work and innovative solutions. NATHAL® has its origin in particular therapeutical experiences and their methodical realisation. Its core can be demonstrated physiologically, above all as the synchronal oscillations of both brain-hemispheres and a permanent stability of brain activity in the different frequencies (states f = Alpha, Beta, Theta, Delta ...), by applying the technical measurements used in brain research. These forms of extraordinary states of consciousness are, at the same time, directly linked in NATHAL® to a normal waking-consciousness. This permits simultaneous working with the informative and intuitive powers of various levels of consciousness and a conversion of the results into programmes for practical action.

The basic prerequisites of NATHAL® training are the transmissions of energy and the programming of a permanently stable consciousness. NATHAL® training attains to extraordinary states of consciousness and teaches the trainee how to retain these in order to be able to navigate within them. Energy and imprintings are transmitted by Dr. Gertje Lathan, as energy-transmitter and guide, by personal contact (in groups or individually), and can be consolidated at a later stage. Under normal circumstances, a physiological-spiritual predisposition of this kind can only be attained in cases of extraordinary talent or by persons who have practised intensive meditation for years. Having completed this training, however, it is possible to accomplish the transformation independently.

An initial basic introduction consists of five days of a systematic sequence of steps. As a rule, this already makes application possible. Abilities gained during this introductory phase can be further extended, if wished, in a four-day training-series, combining a selection of seven steps altogether.

This takes place in the form of exercises which are methodically and systematically coordinated. A fixed set of basic rules of behaviour and a pre-given series of appropriate steps guarantee attainment of the aspired levels of efficiency. They permit a critical examination of the results and prevent any undesirable variations. Control regulations, integrated in the methodics, safeguard inner security. Above all, they ensure the independence and freedom of the individual at all times. Every phase and condition is experienced in total consciousness and with total access to rationally controlled action.

The inner representation functions in conjunction with pre-verbal, i.e. mainly visual spheres and with (normal) language. This applies also to the evaluation of particular questions and to the external representation of the answers and instructions received. This means, in effect, that a person using the NATHAL® method has learnt to receive concrete answers to questions put by him- or herself (supra dialogue). This is also pertinent to their practical realisation. The primacy of the sympathetic perception of feeling and emotion is mirrored in the import of pre-language prior to the advent of any attendant rational recognition. Each relates to the other in a recurring process of mutual recognition.

Methods and knowledge bases, the ability to assess and decide, the capacity to register and transform, are thus constantly evolving. Sources of energy and knowledge, inaccessible to normal consciousness alone, unfold within this process. With the help of NATHAL® it becomes possible to make clear decisions even in future situations of uncertainty, and, indeed, to master tasks of a most comprehensive and extremely diverse nature.

In the gradual metamorphosis of the individual new insights unfold together with an instrumentarium which permits their transformation into reasonable actions. This occurs with the increase of inner independence born of strength and a growing sense of responsibility. Inner freedom instigates a deepening of personal ethics. It stimulates individual readiness to act in a responsible manner and enhances the drive to exercise the given capacity for efficiency, thus creating the requirements for a constant renewal of personal potential and improvement in order to attain the perfect state of goodness and wisdom.