The Founders of NATHAL®

Dr. Gertje Lathan

Gertje Lathan (1943-2022) studied psychology and worked in the fields of rehabilitation psychology, behavior therapy, clinical hypnosis, clinical pathopsychology, analytical psychotherapy and diverse alternative therapies. In her practice there is hardly an area of psychology, psychiatry, gerontology and psychosomatic medicine which is unfamiliar to her. The NATHAL® - Method was personally created by her and developed through her talent to be able to directly guide energies. The contents and talents which will develop during the training, are to this day, enabled by her personal presence.

She will enable the participants of this training to have a upra dialog. The result is an individual training program, which leads to energy fields that are independent of time and space and which is universally applicable.

The results and talents aimed for, and achieveable with her help, surpass, after directed and disciplined training, any imagination. They are directive for the future, practically usable and will shorten the time for planning and research.

Philippe Evrard-Lathan

Philippe Evrard-Lathan was born in 1949 in Brussels and today lives in North-Rhine-Westphalia (Germany). Professionally he is often busy abroad working for NATHAL®.

He studied economic sciences and philosophy and worked for different enterprises. After he learned the NATHAL®-Method in 1986, he discovered special talents, which he uses in industrial research and basic research. A special point with him is consulting personnel managers, enterprises, enterprise consultants and head hunters. His character analyses show an unusually high rate of correct judgments. The goal is to recognize the character traits of coworkers and to be able to put together effective work teams.

Using the NATHAL®-Method he also obtained the ability to provide analyses for the future and to accompany future-directed projects with his knowledge. He is an expert for the future. Since the change over from working with individuals to group work, he started in 1991 to prepare training programs for the NATHAL®-Groups, so that in the future individual progress in the NATHAL® - Seminars will still be possible.