NATHAL® - Attainable results and their realisation

The complete development of personal potential

Equilibrium within and without, love given and received, open up all the natural dispositions for positive development. Access to superior sources of energy and knowledge increases the natural abilities and these, in turn, are complemented by new possibilities of conscious thought and action. The break-up of old patterns and the purging of weaknesses releases new-found strengths. Freedom from negatively limiting dependencies allows inherent responsibilities and personal aspirations to be clarified.

Via the collective super-realms it is possible to enter into any situation, any development, any potential, any individual, and find forms to deal with them successfully.

Emotion encompasses the body. In such states of consciousness it is not only the brain, nodal point of the nerves, which does the thinking but with it the whole body. This then combines with rational recognition to become fully capable of achieving efficiency, the core of emotional consideration and assessment.

From states of lability, such as, for example, over-excitement, visualisation gradually leads to inner tranquillity and composure thereby guaranteeing cognizant solutions to any given situation and increasing the ability to resist states of high tension, i.e. stress.

To be effective it is necessary to be in cocordance with the living order, at one in the sympathetic participation. Negative attitudes deprive NATHAL of its effectivity. Any irresponsible action, any misuse, is therefore, by its very nature, excluded.

Comprehensive dialogues at higher levels of knowledge

Since all levels and systems are attainable, a specific solution to any problem in its own context can be called up and examined. New knowledge is added to established knowledge. New ways of perfecting goal-orientated work increase efficiency.

The harmony of intellect, emotions and body makes possible a more reliable access to superior contexts. Their effects on the reality of daily life are evident. Tasks can be met with a view to the future and without the limiting uncertainties of the past. Space and time assume a different value.

The trainee becomes aware of himself as active consciousness in a state of pure experience, unfettered by physical or basic limitations.

Creativity and Innovation

Creative action dissolves any impasses and unbridgeable antagonisms, which exist at a low level of understanding, into a common sphere of higher consciousness allowing them to merge into a superior unit.

Creativity emerges from a comprehensive graphic view comprising various planes and ways of viewing.

Problems as a challenge to the future

An affirmative basic attitude is expressed in initiative and intuition. Every task holds an opportunity. Problems are problems only when they are seen in a narrow and limited way, i.e. as difficulties which may be solved in a good or bad way, or not at all.

Within a higher context, problems emerge merely as symptoms which, as part-aspects of a wider challenge, have to be overcome . Intuition, combined with external information derived from universal units of knowledge, leads to solutions which are maintainable in the long run.

One should learn from past mistakes and weaknesses; they will be rapidly smoothed out. Once this has happened they become a thing of the past and are no longer an encumbrance. What is important are the risks and chances, the voids and future potentials. The present situation is coloured, in matters great and small, by the increasing inadequacies of old rigid patterns and can only be changed by independant, creative and forward-looking concepts.

Increased efficiency in private and professional fields

If training is continued on a regular basis efficiency at all levels will rapidly increase. This is noticeable as a condition of permanent spiritual stimulus. It facilitates perception and, particularly, orientation towards a development of the environment or the recognition of on-going trends. It helps the selective evaluation of information so that time-consuming differences may be avoided.

A decisively important factor, especially in questioning the solutions to immediate problems, is the ability to work out optimal results while under time pressure. It is possible to study and examine both the seemingly obvious facts as well as insoluble past demands, using new keys to their solution. This potential is there and ready for continuous use in daily life.

In the intimate personal sphere, work with NATHAL® provides a source of strength which helps to make life and work all the more enjoyable. Fear of death diminishes. Talents which have lain fallow begin to emerge. Powers for healing and self-healing are activated and can be utilised in order to elimate weaknesses in mental and bodily health.

NATHAL® is basically open to anyone prepared to learn to unfold and change. NATHAL® accords extremely well with the special demands made on individuals who share responsibilities for the common good. These also include, for instance, scientists looking for new findings in research projects, as well as people in positions that require them to make decisions in fields of social and political importance. It enables artists to find new forms of synaesthetic expression.

In the present phase of reorganising our world - the economy, political centres of power, and fundamental attitudes to life - winning the battle of competition depends upon innovative efficiency. This applies both globally and locally, to the cultural community as well as to the family and to the individual.

Impending shortages, material and cultural deprivation, the threat of danger and ruin could be checked and even reversed, by innovative thinking and an output of fresh spiritual energy. NATHAL® opens up access to realms of energy and information upon which new beginnings can be based.